Get Summer Ready with a Professional Bikini Wax

It’s almost beach time; are you ready? You can choose from among so many beautiful swimsuits. Bikinis and many of the one-piece suits ride high on your hip bones, leaving much of what nature provided you in your pubic area in full view.

If you’ve never had a bikini wax, now’s the time to make an appointment. Your skin needs to rest a little bit before going out in the sun after this wax, so just before summer heats up is a perfect time to get it done.

What exactly is a bikini wax? This type of wax doesn’t remove all of the hair in your pubic area; it only sheds the hair that people would notice around your bikini line. The remaining hair can be formed into a triangle or other shape; you can let your aesthetician know what you’d like. If this is the first time you’ve had a wax to remove hair around your bathing suit, a bikini wax is the perfect way to start.

What to know before a bikini wax

You may think you need to shave before getting the wax, but please don’t. The wax doesn’t affix to your hair when it’s too short. What you can do is trim the hair to about one-fourth of an inch in length. If you feel uncomfortable doing that, you can let your aesthetician know ahead of time that you’d like her to trim your hair. That’s no problem.

Another tip: Don’t get a wax right before your period. Your skin is more sensitive two or three days before you start menstruating.

It may make you feel more comfortable to take an over-the-counter pain reliever before the procedure. If you’ve never had a wax, be prepared for some level of discomfort — but it only lasts a couple of seconds at a time. If your hair is especially coarse or very thick, you may have more redness after the procedure than someone with fine hair.

During the bikini wax

You lie down on a comfortable bed and remove your outer layer of clothing below the waist. You don’t have to take off your underpants if you don’t want to — your aesthetician can work around them.

You bend one leg at the knee with the other leg bent on the bed at a right angle so she can work on that side of your bikini line. She protects your underpants with a cover.

Your therapist, who wears gloves during the entire procedure, applies warm — not hot — wax on a small area with a special spatula. Your aesthetician places a cloth on top of the wax, presses it, holds your skin down and pulls the cloth away quickly. She should press the skin down after removing the cloth; it helps calm the discomfort.

The process continues on both your left and right sides until it’s done.

After the bikini wax

You should expect redness in the area where you’ve been waxed. That’s normal. Applying a hydrocortisone cream calms the redness and helps stop itching.

Wait a couple of weeks before you hit the pool or beach. Your skin needs time to heal. Salt water at the beach won’t feel good against irritated skin.

Call or book an appointment at Elements Rejuvenating Med Spa today for your get-ready-for- summer bikini wax and all of your aesthetic beauty needs.

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