How a Facial Can Help You Get Rid of Your Adult Acne

Most of our teenage years are filled with the dramas of adolescence, including acne. You might think that once you leave your teen years behind, you’ll never be cursed with acne again.

But unfortunately, adult acne is actually quite common for both men and women in their 30s, 40s and 50s. So why is this still happening, and what can you do about it?

What causes adult acne?

Adult acne is characterized as moderate in severity, but persistent and extremely annoying. There are many possible causes for adult acne:

If you’ve tried everything — changing your diet, increasing your water intake, exercising regularly and washing your face twice a day — to no avail, then it may be time to give your skin a reset. This is where facials come in.

Facials deliver nourishing elements to your skin

Facials are a type of treatment that exfoliates your skin while providing nourishment. Our providers at Elements Rejuvenating Med Spa will first perform a skin analysis to identify the root causes of your adult acne and potential areas of focus.

For example, you may find that your T-zone, the area between your eyebrows and nose, retains extra oil, or you may have acne along the jawline. Once we’ve discussed your unique skin care objectives, then we can plan which facial treatment is optimal for you.

The base treatment involves using a steamer to open up your pores, followed by an exfoliation. Then your provider applies a customized mix of moisturizers, masks, serums and other facial products that best address your type of acne.

Keeping your skin clear of adult acne

After your facial, you should drink a lot of water and avoid makeup or sun exposure for several hours. Facials are beneficial for adult acne because they can unclog your pores as the exfoliating process removes old skin cells and oil and rejuvenates your skin.

Monthly facials are recommended, but if you are experiencing adult acne, then we may modify this number depending on your personal health goals.

If you’re ready for smooth, glowing skin, then call to schedule an appointment with our skin specialists at Elements Rejuvenating Med Spa.

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