Start SculpSure® Treatment This Month and Be Beach Ready by Spring

Studies show that as many as 45% of U.S. adults make New Year's resolutions, and slimming down before summer continues to be the number-one goal set. Unsurprisingly, only 75% of people keep their resolution for a week, and by the time February rolls around, a whopping 64% of people have given up on their goal.

New Year’s resolutions are simply not always easy to stick with it, especially if you're slightly overweight but eating fairly healthily and exercising regularly. You’re not obese, so you’re not looking to drop major pounds, but you would like to have a more contoured body. If you're one of the 33% of U.S. adults stuck in this in-between spot BMI-wise, then you need to learn more about SculpSure®, the best way to slim down to that perfect body by Spring. Let's take a look!

How does SculpSure® get you ready by spring?

SculpSure's® patented system uses non-invasive laser technology to target fat cells through the skin. This heat technology effectively destroys the cell, without damaging the skin. Once those fat cells are destroyed, your body's lymphatic system removes them through natural detoxification and elimination processes. Once the fat cells have left the body, they cannot return or regrow, leaving you slimmer and more contoured. As long as you continue to eat well and exercise, you will reap the benefits of SculpSure®  for several years.

SculpSure® has a 90% satisfaction rate, a very impressive statistic for an aesthetics procedure where expectations are always very high.

How long does it take to see results?

When you receive your SculpSure®  session, you can expect to begin seeing results in as little as six weeks with full results visible by 12. As your body slowly removes the fat cells, your new, more contoured body begins to take shape. And because the procedure is less drastic, many find it much easier to maintain results, compared to invasive procedures that shock the body. 

Why should you get SculpSure® instead of lipo?

Invasive surgeries like tummy tucks and liposuction leave scars and cause major bruising, pain, and many weeks of immobility in recovery.  If you're trying to be discreet, you'll need to come up with some really good excuses to cover up the fact that you had this procedure.

Luckily there's SculpSure®. Because FDA-cleared laser technology works with your body's natural fat-removal system, it's much easier on the body and it's gradual so you don't have to tell anyone you've had it done. 

With SculpSure®  you have:

Some people may experience minor bruising and stiffness after the procedure but are able to return to normal activities that same day. Bruising and stiffness generally subside within 24 hours.

Are you a candidate for SculpSure®?

During your personalized consultation, your SculpSure®Specialist at Elements Rejuvenating Med Spa helps assess if this procedure is right for you and how many sessions you may need to get your desired results. Generally, an optimal candidate is overweight (not obese) on a BMI scale, generally healthy, eats a healthy diet, and exercises regularly but still has stubborn pockets of fat on the:

Everyone carries weight differently, so depending on the level of fat deposits in different areas and your overall BMI, you may need three or more treatments in a given area to get your desired results.

Be ready for summer by spring

Start now to get ready from summer by spring with SculpSure®. Contact Elements Rejuvenation Med Spa for an appointment.

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