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Age spots, sun damage, spider veins, and other blemishes can darken your complexion, and make you look older than you feel. Intense pulse light therapy (IPL) is a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment that dramatically reduces signs of aging in a few short treatments with no downtime. The exceptional team at Elements Rejuvenating Med Spa create stunning IPL results with Venus Versa™ Tribella technology, so you look and feel younger with luminous, healthy skin. To learn more, contact the office in Davenport, Florida (also serving Four Corners, Celebration, and Windermere, Florida), or schedule an appointment online.

IPL Treatment

What is IPL therapy?

IPL therapy uses tiny beams of broad-spectrum light to destroy only those skin cells that are causing an undesirable condition while leaving all other skin cells untouched. The highly trained and experienced team at Elements Rejuvenating Med Spa uses the Venus Versa system with Tribella technology to heat the cells beneath the skin, damaging them just enough that the body will eliminate them through a natural immune response while leaving the other healthy cells intact.

What conditions can IPL treat?

Venus Versa Tribella is an advanced technology designed to treat multiple skin complaints with precision for remarkable, long-lasting results. Conditions that can be treated with IPL therapy include:

  • Dark spots caused by the sun or by aging
  • Hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure over time
  • Redness and inflammation caused by rosacea
  • Spider veins and other tiny capillaries, which are visible under the skin.

Most areas of the body can be treated with IPL; the most common areas are the face, neck, and chest.

What should I expect during treatment?

Before the treatment begins, your provider will apply a cooling gel to your skin. During treatment, you’ll wear protective eyewear. You’ll feel some mild warmth, and you might feel a pinching or stinging sensation, similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin.

Immediately after your session, you will probably feel like you have a mild sunburn in the area treated with IPL, and you may notice some redness, but you can return to normal activities right away.

When will I see results from IPL?

Depending on your skin and the condition being treated, you may see some improvement within 24 hours. In general, you can expect to notice some darkening of the treated areas the week following your session, but the affected cells will shed completely in about two weeks, leaving you with brighter, younger looking skin.

For most conditions, 3-5 treatments one month apart are recommended for revitalized, healthy-looking skin.

How long will my IPL results last?

How long your results from IPL last depends on how well you take care of your skin. If you limit sun exposure, always use sunscreen, and follow the at-home care routine recommended by your aesthetics professional, you may only need a maintenance treatment every six months. Some conditions, such as hyperpigmentation or rosacea, however, may require more frequent IPL treatments for optimal results.

To find out if intense pulsed light therapy is right for you, contact the office, or schedule an appointment online.